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About Us

Hello, We are Nata & Co.
Established 2012 – Cardiff.

Since then, we have now expand our branch to Bath and Bristol.


Founded by Portuguese bakers after noticing a lack of authentic Portuguese pastries, Nata&Co has now grown to be Cardiff’s very own little Portugal where both locals and tourists visit to get their cravings of delicious & homemade food.

Our mission has always been to share our Portuguese roots and spread the love of our café culture to everyone who visits, as well as the desire to mitigate a few ‘saudades’ of the Portuguese who have made Cardiff their home.


After receiving a lot of positive feedback of our products, we decided to expand our company to different cities in the United Kingdom.

We open in Bath in 2020 were you can see our bakers making our famous Pastel de Nata. Also you can find a variety of portuguese delicatessen products.

In 2022 we decided to open in Bristol.



Having been founded by a baker by trade, through family tradition in the industry, we are proud in our product. We ensure all of our food is freshly cooked, homemade, delicious and authentic. Our authenticity claim is such that we our team is composed of Portuguese people.

If you have visited Portugal you know that we are a warm crowd (if you haven’t you definitely should, it’s awesome there!) and we want you to feel that. We want you to feel like you’re home with friends. Our staff is super helpful and knowledgeable in everything that’s Portuguese. Don’t be shy, come say hi!

The premise for Nata & Co has always been to share the Portuguese love for food, we firmly believe in the quality of the food we produce and have passion for it. Our strong belief is that Portuguese delicacies are deeply underrated and we are here to change that notion!

Olá 👋
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