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    A Parra is a common pastry found in Portuguese pastelarias. Its name comes from the Portuguese word for vine leaf, representing the shape of this pastry but that's where the comparison ends. Our Parra is made from two layers of puff pastry joined together by a thick layer of typical Portuguese cream filling in the middle.
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    Brisa de Amêndoa

    Our Brisa de Amêndoa is a deliciously crispy and crumbly almond based pastry. We use puff pastry to achieve maximum crunchiness, then we fill it up with our delicious sweet almond filling and sprinkle sugar to give it that extra sweetness.
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    Pata de Veado

    A Swiss roll-style cake, the Pata de Veado (Deer Hoof) is recognisable by its wedge-shape that it’s usually cut into. It contains a typical Portuguese cream for the inner filling and also on the outside, topped with coconut.
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